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DREAM TICKET at FringeNYC 2016: "[As] Becky Roberts, Amy Lee Pearsall made a southern monster that you loved to hate."

THE HONEYCOMB TRILOGY: BLAST RADIUS: "Women dominate "Blast Radius"...the agonized Tash (Amy Lee Pearsall) exemplifies the dangers of giving birth without the aid of modern advances."

PICTURE OURSELVES IN LATVIA: "...Pearsall, in perhaps the most complex role, never puts a step wrong."

KING KIRBY (opposite Steven Rattazzi): "Amy Lee Pearsall plays Ros, Kirby’s constant wife and sometimes inker, with singular presence. She is tremendous, heartbreaking even..."

THE TROJAN WOMEN: "As a fallen queen she is dignified and restrained, a woman who both feels her hard fate with a woman’s tenderness and suffers through it with a woman’s strength... Ms. Pearsall’s charisma is the cement that holds the drama together and ultimately makes it relevant and appealing to the contemporary viewer."

THE MEDEA: "Pearsall's performance is truly a tour de of the finest I've ever witnessed on the stage. It is mystical and a wonder to behold."

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